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+30% more power (1) +30% more torque (1)
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Lower fuel consumption

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More torque = earlier upshifting = less fuel consumption = lower costs

-1Lfuel saving per 100km Save 400 euros per year
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Up to 2 years extensive engine guarantee, 5 years product guarantee.

Optimisation only within the power reserves

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  • 100,000 chips sold per year
  • Several times best in test
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1 Possible enhancements | 2 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI and 30,000 km per year

Our chip tuning product range

RaceChip One
From EUR 129

+20% more power (1) +20% more torque (1)
  • Up to -1l/100 km
  • Optional 1-year engine guarantee

Chip tuning by RaceChip for an appealing entry-level price with the usual RaceChip quality.

RaceChip Pro 2
From EUR 249

+25% more power (1) +25% more torque (1)
  • Up to -1l/100 km
  • 1-year engine guarantee included

Our bestseller with the latest optimisation software and high-quality components.

RaceChip Ultimate
From EUR 479

+30% more power (1) +30% more torque (1)
  • Up to -1l/100 km
  • 2-year engine guarantee included
  • Smartphone Connect Feature (optional)

Our premium chip with optional Connect feature to control the power enhancement over the RaceChip app.

1 Possible enhancements
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Questions and answers about chip tuning and RaceChip

A conversation with RaceChip founder and Managing Director Manuel Götz

Why do engine tuning at all?

Driving is much more than just a practical way to get from point A to point B. Vehicles never cease to amaze us and, with the right calibration, provide loads of fun. As engine chip tuners, we’re driven by passion: everyone should have the opportunity to achieve faster acceleration and enjoy greater driving dynamics through engine tuning. That’s why we at RaceChip provide state-of-the-art electronic engine tuning for almost all car makes and engines.

What exactly is chip tuning?

Chip tuning is the latest form of electronic engine tuning. An auxiliary device is installed between the engine control unit and the sensors – a type of mini-computer, if you will (that’s why some also call it digital tuning). It improves the engine’s control parameters set by the factory.

We create and individually adapt software for each specific engine in our RaceChip tuning box, which optimises your engine’s electronic signals. To do so, we conduct extensive testing on various engines until we’ve achieved the ideal results. RaceChip primarily modifies the signals related to the fuel injection system and activates engine reserves built in by the manufacturer. This way you can fully optimise your vehicle’s power potential. Our method of engine tuning works according to the same principle of electronic performance improvement that the manufacturers themselves use to differentiate models with identical engine blocks. For example, today almost all BMW 4-cylinders are based on the same 2.0l engine, but due to adaptations in the engine controls they all exhibit clearly different performance values.

Chip tuning is possible with all turbo-charged direct injection engines. The turbo-charge can be through turbochargers or compressors. As a result, improved performance through chip tuning is possible with almost all turbo-diesel engines (both common rail and pump-nozzle injection) and turbo-charged petrol engines.

What exactly is chip tuning?

The gains are significant: depending on your vehicle’s motorisation level and the RaceChip model you choose, you can obtain up to 25% more power and 30% more torque. What’s more, our chip tuning always only optimises within your engine’s power reserves.

Does RaceChip offer a tuning chip specially made
for my vehicle?

Most likely. RaceChip has now developed chip boxes with customised software for more than 3,000 vehicle models from over 60 different manufacturers.

How does chip tuning differ from OBD tuning?

Chip tuning (via a power box) works without changing the manufacturer’s hardware and software; all of the engine’s protection systems remain intact, DIY installation is simple, and your vehicle can be restored to 100% factory condition. OBD (on-board diagnostics) tuning alters the manufacturer’s engine controls and electronics, usually permanently. Installation generally involves significant cost, and the engine cannot be completely restored once you’ve made alterations.

Is RaceChip engine tuning guaranteed to be safe?

Yes. It’s simple, tested and safe. Optimisation is achieved only within your vehicle’s power reserves. There are no physical alterations to the engine. We only utilise the thermal and mechanical reserves that are built into every series engine. RaceChip offers an engine warranty of up to 2 years on the most important engine components (like the turbo-charger, for example) as well as associated parts (like the transmission), plus we offer up to 5-year product guarantee on the chip box itself.