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Die 10 häufigsten Chiptuning Fragen
  • What exactly is the difference between RaceChip S, RS, GTS and GTS Black?

    Our four RaceChip products cover the entire spectrum for electronic performance improvement, from entry level to premium product.

    You'll find a precise comparison of our chip tuning products here.

  • How do the chip tuning products from RaceChip work?

    RaceChip is placed between the motor controls and the motor sensors. We change the communication. RaceChip takes the current drive data from the motor and optimizes it according to the driving situation. RaceChip influences things like injection amount, injection period, fuel injection timing and charging-air pressure. The optimization leads to improved engine power and enhanced performance that results in fuel savings.

  • How are RaceChip products different from other competitors' products?

    Other box suppliers use similar systems. What's unique about RaceChip is the harmonized combination of hardware and software. This allows us to very accurately fine tune the RaceChip to the respective vehicle. RaceChip products benefit from our sophisticated software and precise adaptation to the respective vehicle.

  • How can RaceChip offer its products for so many makes and models?

    Our development department is always testing new vehicle models with RaceChip products, developing the right software for that vehicle in the process. With a large partner network, we are always able to test the latest vehicles from all manufacturers on-site.

  • On which engines can chip tuning increase performance?

    RaceChip was designed for turbo engines. These are diesel motors with common rail or pump nozzle systems as well as petrol engines with turbo direct injection.

  • Is there a RaceChip for petrol engines?

    Yes. You can install a RaceChip on many turbocharged petrol engines. Just check our vehicle databank. If your vehicle isn't listed, then we'll be happy to answer a request to our customer service.

  • Can Racechip also optimize gas and natural gas powered vehicles?

    No. RaceChip should only be used with conventional fuels (petrol or diesel).

  • Can I also increase performance on my hybrid with RaceChip?

    RaceChip can also enhance performance on hybrids. The hybrid needs to have a turbocharged combustion engine.

  • Can you optimize performance on an aspirated engine with chip tuning from RaceChip?

    No, this technology is not possible, unfortunately. The basic requirement to use a RaceChip is a turbocharged motor.

  • Is the performance enhancement from RaceChip also suitable for engines that are already high performance?

    Yes. All vehicles are tested prior to product launch and optimally tuned with RaceChip.

  • Does the transmission play a role in chip tuning with RaceChip?

    No. RaceChip is suited for all types of transmissions, both manual and automatic. Often the manufacturer sets a maximum torque for the transmission. RaceChip does not exceed these limits, but rather increases the engine torque over a broad RPM range. All types of automatic transmissions (Dual Clutch Gearbox (DSG, DKG), Multitronic, S-Tronic, automatic, etc.) can work with the increased values through RaceChip. You will notice a change in the shifting due to the increased torque in certain situations, as the transmission upshifts sooner to the next highest gear.

  • Which advantages does the app control offer me as a consumer?

    A RaceChip with app control offers the best user-friendly operation. With an individually adjustable engine warm up timer, the chip can be operated at various performance levels. These can be changed via the app every time you start the car. You can also adjust special settings and troubleshoot easily and quickly. We can store data on a central server for software changes, which can be immediately sent to your app as an update. This ideal function simplifies and speeds up the adjustment processes.

  • Where can I download the RaceChip app?

    You can download the RaceChip app for free on your Android or Apple smartphone from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store; respectively.

  • Does the RaceChip app work with all RaceChip products?

    The RaceChip app is available for our chip tuning products RaceChip RS, GTS and GTS Black as well as for the gaspedal tuning XLR. This means that the RaceChip S is the only product not available with app control.

  • What do I do if I can't find my vehicle in your databank?

    If you own a turbo diesel or turbo-charged petrol vehicle that is not listed in our vehicle databank, then please contact our customer service. We'll be glad to help!

  • Are your products individually adapted for my vehicle?

    Yes. Every RaceChip is specially designed and programmed for an engine and the corresponding controls. This provides optimal adjustment and performance development for your vehicle.

  • How exactly does RaceChip determine the power reserves of my vehicle?

    RaceChip uses series values as a guide, the same ones the original controls use. These values are optimized within the set limits (primarily related to the engine). By reviewing driving experiences on public streets and test rigs, we fulfil the highest quality standards.

  • Are RaceChip products adapted for regional peculiarities?

    Regional adaptations are generally not necessary. RaceChip can be used without problem at high temperatures. For years RaceChip has sold a large quantity of this product in hot, tropical areas (such as Southeast Asia, Australia and the Arabian peninsula). The same applies for cold climes, such as in Northern Europe.

  • Can I still use my RaceChip after switching to a new vehicle?

    At RaceChip we specifically program our optimization software for the particular engine in which our product is being installed for performance optimization.

    For this reason, unlimited re-use of our chip tuning products is only possible if the new vehicle has exactly the same engine.

    If this is not the case, then please contact our customer service to ask about the options and costs associated with using one of our chip tuning products in a new vehicle (+49 7161 1584 999 or [email protected]). If you want to use your RaceChip in a different vehicle, it will have to be reprogrammed.

    In most cases, we'll offer you the option of reprogramming your RaceChip product to suit your new vehicle. This means we will load the respective RaceChip optimization software onto the product and deliver the connection cable required for installation in your new vehicle to you. You will understand that we can offer this service only if we still have the same product (or a new equivalent) in our range.

    We offer this option up to 24 months after purchasing our RaceChip GTS and GTS Black. The cost of a reprogramming (including the required cable) is 99 EUR (incl. VAT) (1). With RaceChip GTS or GTS Black the first reprogramming is included as a part of the purchase package and so is free of charge.(1)

    For a reprogramming, the hardware must still be in a fully functioning condition.

    Delivery costs will be invoiced on a case by case basis.

    (1) If the price of the product for your new car is higher than for the car for which it was previously configured, an additional charge equivalent to the price difference will be incurred (even if the re-programming itself is free of charge). For more information on reprogramming, please see our GTC.

  • Is chip tuning from RaceChip really a high tech product?

    Yes. RaceChip employs so-called "intelligent tuning." It can be custom tuned and adjusted for a vehicle and its unique characteristics. We use only the latest hardware components on the market and regularly update our software. Continuous and ongoing development flows directly into our products.

  • Can you reduce fuel consumption with chip tuning from Racechip?

    Yes. By adjusting your driving habits, RaceChip can greatly reduce fuel consumption. The increased torque, which takes place primarily in the lower and mid-RPM range, allows your transmission to upshift sooner, so that your vehicle is powered with an overall lower RPM.

  • Does the module have an extra option to turn it on and off?

    Yes, when you buy a RaceChip compatible with app control (RaceChip RS, GTS and GTS Black). You can adjust and turn off the performance improvement via the smartphone app.

  • Can Racechip raise my Vmax limit?

    The Vmax limit is not increased by RaceChip. Our system does not access the vehicle's own motor controls. The pre-installed limits from the manufacturer remain unchanged.

  • Does RaceChip develop its own performance optimizations?

    Yes. RaceChip develops all of its components and software at its own R&D department. Hardware and software experts as well as other vehicle tuning professionals work hand in hand to adapt our products perfectly for every vehicle.

  • Where are RaceChip products manufactured?

    The circuit board assembly, body housing production and final assembly take place exclusively in Germany. Specialized suppliers from the region were chosen specifically.

  • Which quality standards do RaceChip products meet?

    RaceChip contains a certified management system meeting German and international road traffic law, based on the ISO9000 standard.

    All products have Economic Comission for Europe certification from the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles, which is recognized in over 40 countries, including the UK.

    All products undergo a salt fog test.

    Our electronics production takes place exclusively according to the highest quality standards in Germany.

    By using modern, high-performance electronics, specially designed for the highest demands in the vehicle sector, RaceChip systems lead with regard to quality, safety and reliability.

    The integrated processors take power performance as well as thermal and mechanical strain into account, in keeping with automobile industry standards.

    High end processors with extremely high performance ratings are neither suited nor necessary for automotive tuning, as the data processing speed of these processors is irrelevant for the speed of data supplied in a combustion engine. In addition, these components are sensitive and, thus, accident prone.

  • Are RaceChip modules protected against moisture?

    All RaceChip products (RS, GTS and GTS Black) are protected against moisture with premium body housing and sealing elements, and the circuit boards are sealed with nanopaint.

  • Are RaceChip modules able to work at high heat and/or temperatures?

    RaceChip can be used worry-free at high temperatures. We have sold a large quantity of our products in hot and tropical areas like Southeast Asia, Australia and the Arabian peninsula for many years. The same goes for cold climates like Northern Europe.

  • I've found a few negative opinions of RaceChip on the internet. Are these true?

    There are a few vehicles where RaceChip doesn't work as desired, even though the product supplied was specially programmed for the respective engine. This is usually explained by the fact that identical engines ex-works are subject to a certain degree of spread within standard factory models. If the engine deviates too far from the standard in factory condition, then, in a few exceptional cases, our product may not function optimally. However, these are absolute exceptions. Even in such cases our technical service can usually adjust the software so that the desired results are achieved. If we are unable to adjust our product, then as a customer you will, of course, receive a refund of the purchase price.

  • If chip tuning works, then why don't car manufacturers just make it themselves?

    Manufacturers use the same principle. For example, the engine components of a BMW 318d, 320d and 325d are identical. These vehicles are only configured differently through software via the vehicle's control device. Additionally, even top engines provide power reserves for future developments. These robust component layouts provide an excellent opportunity for RaceChip to optimize their settings.

  • Can I still save fuel despite having more power? How does that work?

    Yes, by adapted driving behavior, RaceChip can greatly reduce fuel consumption. The increased torque, which primarily takes place in the lower and mid-RPM range, allows your transmission to upshift sooner, meaning that your vehicle is driven with a lower overall RPM value.

  • What exactly is Eco tuning?

    Eco tuning optimizes a vehicle's motor control to provide high torque very early on. This increased torque allows your transmission to upshift sooner, so that your vehicle drives with a lower overall RPM value. This results in fuel savings, often together with improved power output.

  • Can my RaceChip be set in such a way that I get maximum reduction in fuel consumption?

    Yes. A vehicle's motor controls can be optimized in such a way that high torque is achieved early on. This increased torque allows your transmission to upshift sooner, so that your vehicle drives with a lower overall RPM value.

    This results in fuel savings. A decisive factor is adapting your driving style with quick acceleration, upshifting as soon as possible (consciously activate gear shifts even with automatic transmissions) and provident driving style.

  • How is my maximum speed affected?

    The maximum speed may increase somewhat, but that is not the goal of our development. Much more, we place value on the improved acceleration capacity of the vehicle. In addition, we do not activate at high torque in order to avoid strain spikes on the components.

  • How do supplementary control devices differ from ECU tuning?

    ECU tuning changes the software on the vehicle's own control unit, allowing it to read and change many of the vehicle's parameters. Often, the forcible opening of the unit is necessary. ECU tuning can only be reversed by completely deleting the controls. Manufacturers and dealers can recognise this procedure!

    In contrast, the RaceChip's supplementary control unit is installed between the motor sensors and the vehicle's controls. It influences relevant values for our optimization and can be uninstalled at any time. The vehicle is then returned to original condition.

  • Is there anything special I should watch for after optimization?

    Yes! Notice more powerful thrust in your vehicle even at low RPM and adapt your driving style accordingly! Further, you should follow general recommendations for driving your vehicle. In particular, you should not use the engine's full capacity during the first few miles but rather after a warm-up period for your vehicle.

    Otherwise there are no special restrictions!

  • Which fuel type should I use after the performance improvement?

    RaceChip products tuning takes place on every vehicle with the fuel recommended by the manufacturer.

    In petrol engines, it may be conducive to use a higher octane fuel, such as 98 octane or higher, for maximum power output. This reduces the risk of knocking (spontaneous ignition of the mix in the cylinder).

  • Are the optimization systems suitable for vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions standards (EC 715/2007)?

    Yes. The functions of RaceChip products are tested and proven even with the latest products on the market.

  • Can an supplementary control device negatively affect other components or after-market parts in my vehicle?

    All our products undergo an EMV inspection, which serves to rule out the possibility of electro-magnetic effects on other components.

    We cannot rule out incompatibilities in combination with other retrofitted components that may influence performance values. We advise contacting our Customer Service staff if you have queries. It is possible to individually customize the RaceChip product to a customer vehicle.

  • Will chip tuning cause more strain on my engine?

    Yes.The engine develops more torque and power, and this increases the strain.

    HOWEVER: engines are laid out for more power by the manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer to offer even higher performance levels and integrate future developments into the existing components. Further, increased strain only occurs during full power utilisation.

    Because RaceChip only turns on when you really need the power (e.g., during acceleration), then components like the engine, clutch, transmission and brakes are only pushed to technically prudent levels. All of the protective functions (emergency programme) remain intact. It is recommended for any type of motor tuning to always perform regular maintenance, such as drive belt, oil changes, etc.

    When properly used, there is no reduction in life expectancy.

    If the full power output is used, then the strain on the engine increases. On the other hand, the overall RPM level and resulting inner friction in the engine can be lowered through the optimized torque behavior.

  • What should I know before taking my vehicle to a garage for servicing?

    We generally recommend removing the RaceChip module before servicing so as to allow the garage to perform work on a standard series vehicle.

    We also wish to point out that some manufacturers, when performing a readout of the vehicle's memory, also analyse relevant vehicle performance data, and in doing so they may try to determine whether a performance enhancement has been installed. In the case of OBD tuning (i.e. an active alteration of the manufacturer's software), the presence of a performance enhancement can be determined and verified. But with RaceChip technology (an additional control unit) the manufacturer's hardware and software remain unchanged. If chip tuning is not located in the engine, then the data can only hint at an electronic performance enhancement. Similar data can also be produced, in some cases, by series production deviations on the part of the manufacturer.

    There are no special guidelines you need to observe for a servicing at a garage because, with a RaceChip performance enhancement, all manufacturer systems remain unchanged.

    After servicing, you can simply re-install the RaceChip.

  • Does a performance-enhanced engine need to be maintained more frequently at a garage?

    No. The factory stipulated maintenance intervals remain unchanged.

  • Should I expect higher maintenance costs for a performance-enhanced engine?

    No, RaceChip performance enhancement does not create more frequent or extensive maintenance. Maintenance costs are equal to those of vehicles without performance enhancement.

  • Should I use a special oil in performance-enhanced engines?

    RaceChip products adapt to every vehicle with the lubricants recommended by the manufacturer. These manufacturer recommendations must be followed.

  • Can I also use a RaceChip with diesel particulate filters?

    RaceChip can be used worry-free with diesel particulate filters. Our modules are designed for problem-free use even with series vehicles with DPFs.

  • Are there any limitations on the use of biofuels (e.g., E10)?

    No, biofuels can still be used as long as they are authorized by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • With enhanced performance, do I need to have my brakes adjusted?

    No, adjusting the brake system is not necessary, as there is no increased strain on the brakes with regular driving behavior.

  • Does the diagnostic device show that performance enhancement has been installed?

    No. A diagnostic device only reads the data stored in the vehicle's own motor controls. RaceChip does not access the engine controls in any way.
    Sometimes diagnostic devices show error messages from the controls. This cannot be traced back to the installation of a RaceChip product, however.

  • Is there a product warranty for my chip?

    The following product warranties come with our products:
    • RaceChip S: 2 years
    • RaceChip RS: 3 years
    • RaceChip GTS & RaceChip GTS Black: 5 years

    In addition, RaceChip offers engine warranties:
    • RaceChip RS: 1 year
    • RaceChip GTS and RaceChip GTS Black: 2 years

  • Will my manufacturer's engine warranty remain unaffected?

    If the RaceChip and all related components are removed prior to visiting a garage, then the vehicle is once again in standard factory condition and tuning is no longer detectable.

  • Does RaceChip offer a warranty on the engine, transmission and drive chain?

    Yes, components associated with the engine are covered by the RaceChip engine warranty. We here at RaceChip are sure of our chip tuning products' safety and quality.

    Our 2-year engine warranty is included with the purchase of GTS and GTS Black, and a one-year warranty is included with our RS model.

    The RaceChip engine warranty is available for all vehicles up to 100,000 kilometers (or 60,000 miles) on the clock.

    In the event of damage, RaceChip will be liable for up to 10,000 EUR with no excess. Furthermore, the engine warranty applies even if the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

    The RaceChip engine warranty is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

    Download the entire warranty conditions here.

  • Which engine warranties are included with RaceChip products

    We offer the following warranties on our products:

    • RaceChip RS: 1 year
    • RaceChip GTS and RaceChip GTS Black: 2 years

  • What is covered by the RaceChip engine warranty?

    The engine warranty covers damages to the engine components and parts listed below caused by the use of a supplementary control unit in a policyholder's warranty-eligible vehicle:

    intake manifold, drive shaft, all internal engine parts associated with oil circulation, transmission (with the exception of the couplings and coupling parts integrated into the transmission), drive shaft, drive shaft bearing, pistons, crankcase, crankshaft, crankshaft gear, engine block, valves, valve guides, cylinder heads, cylinder sleeves, camshaft, camshaft gears, oil pan, piston rods, turbocharger.

  • Can the RaceChip engine warranty be extended?

    We do not currently offer engine warranty extensions.

  • Is the RaceChip engine warranty also valid over 100,000 km or 3 years?

    No. The RaceChip engine warranty is valid only if the specified requirements are met.

  • Does a RaceChip performance upgrade mean the vehicle registration documents have to be changed?

    Generally, insurance companies do not change a car’s classification after it has undergone a RaceChip performance upgrade. However, you should check with your own insurer, as there may be special regulations.

  • Wie genau funktioniert eine Eintragung beim TüV?

    Der TüV-Prüfer stellt auf Basis des Teilegutachtens einen ordnungsgemäßen Einbau des Chiptunings sicher. Erfüllt der Einbau sowie das verbaute Chiptuning-Produkt alle im Teilegutachten genannten Voraussetzungen, so stellt der Prüfer eine eine Bescheinigung aus (eine Eintragung nach StVZO §19.3). Mit dieser Bescheinigung erhält das Fahrzeug dann eine entsprechende Betriebserlaubnis. Die Modifikation kann dann auf der Zulassungsstelle auch noch in die Fahrzeugpapiere eingetragen werden.

  • Kann ich meine Leistungssteigerung auch ohne Gutachten eintragen lassen?

    Auch eine Eintragung ohne Gutachten ist möglich. In diesem Fall muss eine Einzelabnahme beim TüV bzw. Prüfinstitut durchgeführt werden. Bitte informieren Sie sich beim entsprechenden Institut über die Vorgehensweise vor Ort, da diese sich jeweils unterscheiden kann.

  • What should I know about exhaust inspections with enhanced performance?

    There is nothing special to note. The emissions inspection is carried out with a diagnostic plug in modern vehicles that reads the values from the vehicle controls. These are not changed by RaceChip products.

  • What happens to my insurance coverage after performance improvement?

    After installing performance improvement equipment, your insurance cover should remain in valid. However, you should inform your insurance company of the modification.

  • Which documents does my insurance need for approval?

    Depends on the General Terms and Conditions of your insurance:

    • Some accept chip use notification free of charge
    • Some accept chip use notification with a fee Some accept only products that are certified by a product testing organisation Some do not accept any performance enhancements

  • Will my car’s insurance classification change?

    Generally, insurance companies do not change a car’s classification after it has undergone a RaceChip performance upgrade. However, you should check with your own insurer, as there may be special regulations.

  • Will my vehicle's emissions class change?

    No, the emissions class does not change.

  • Will my vehicle tax increase due to performance enhancement?


  • Is it possible to install a RaceChip even without any technical know-how?

    Yes. RaceChip products are designed for problem-free installation with the aid of our instructions and videos provided.

    In some individual cases where users have issues, our customer service is available for advice.

  • Do I need special tools for installation?

    No. You can install RaceChip with no specialist mechanical know-how.

    In rare cases the air filter box must be disassembled in order to reach the sensor. In these cases we recommend finding a garage if you don't have mechanical know-how. Special tools are not necessary for the actual installation of the chip.

  • Where is the best place for the module in the engine compartment?

    You should install RaceChip products according to installation instructions. Use the existing vehicle cable harness for the auxiliary cable harness. The module itself must be firmly attached and may not be attached on the following areas:

    Very hot components
    Strongly vibrating components
    Moist spaces

  • What do I do if I'm in doubt during installation?

    Follow the instruction manual and check out available videos if needed. If in doubt, contact our customer service.

  • Can I send you pictures of my engine so that you can help me with installation?

    If the pictures we provide are not helpful with assembly, then you can send us pictures of your engine so that we can mark the relevant plug for installation.

  • I didn't receive a vehicle-specific installation manual with my chip. Where can I get one?

    Simply call or email our customer service, and we'll be happy to give you vehicle-specific photos.

  • The installation manual I received doesn't correspond to my engine. What should I do?

    If the supplied installation manual does not provide you with the information you need, you can always request additional vehicle-specific images from our Customer Service staff, either via e-mail or our support hotline.

  • Can you send me more installation pictures?

    We will send you additional installation pictures from our customer service upon request.

  • Where can I find installation videos for my vehicle?

    You'll find a number of vehicle-specific installation videos in our video databank. Our videos can be found here or directly on YouTube on the RaceChip channel.

  • Does RaceChip offer an installation service?

    We do not offer an installation service. However if you contact our customer service, one of our technicians will gladly talk you through how to connect the cable harness and auxiliary device over the phone. This way you can perform the installation yourself within minutes. We are very proud that every customer can install RaceChip chip tuning products without any technical expertise.

  • Can I have the tuning box installed at RaceChip?

    We do not offer this service. If your contact our customer service, one of our technicians will gladly talk you through how to connect the cable harness and auxiliary device over the phone. This way you can perform the installation yourself within minutes. We are very proud that every customer can install RaceChip chip tuning products without any technical expertise.

  • Can I have the module installed at a garage?

    The RaceChip module can be installed at independent garages.

  • Can I damage anything when installing in my engine?

    This cannot happen when you follow proper procedure. Our products are developed according to the Plug&Drive principle. This means that their functions may be complex, but installation should be as simple as possible. All of our products are delivered with extensive tips for installation.

  • What should I do if the included plug doesn't fit?

    Please contact our technical customer support.

  • What should I do if the control plug doesn't illuminate, even though I'm sure I've done the installation correctly?

    Please contact our technical customer support. If the LED does not light up, this can have various causes.

  • Can I remove the tuning and return my vehicle to series condition?

    Yes! As soon as you've completely uninstalled the RaceChip product and all plug connections are connected in the original condition, then the vehicle is in series condition.

  • Is my vehicle really in series condition after uninstalling Racechip?

    Yes. after complete removal you cannot tell whether an auxiliary device was installed in the engine compartment.

    With other types of tuning (such as ECU), the engine's control software is directly and recognisably overwritten.

  • How do I remove the plug in the event of deinstallation?

    The plug is affixed with a simple locking mechanism at the sensor. Loosen this latch and the plug can be pulled off easily.

  • Why does the manufacturer's plug look different from the plug you delivered?

    Sometimes the plug delivered looks a little different than the vehicle's plugs. However, the plugs can still connect together without any problem and the technical function of the connector will not be affected because we use OEM quality plugs.

  • What should I do if I feel that my RaceChip is not perfectly in tune with my engine?

    In this case we ask you to send us a detailed description of the driving changes after installing the RaceChip. We will then find a solution for you.

  • Is it possible that my vehicle shudders a little more with a RaceChip?

    Diesels do not usuall shudder more after installing RaceChip. In fact, most vehicles run more smoothly when RaceChip is installed. If your car shudders more please contact our customer service.

  • What should I do if my vehicle jerks a little after installation?

    In this situation it's necessary to tell us exactly which driving situation and at which load range and RPM range the jerking occurs. By changing the two rotary switches on your RaceChip, we can adjust these precisely for your vehicle's characteristics.

  • What should I do if I feel the performance enhancement is less than I expected?

    In general, RaceChip products are optimally engineered for every vehicle. In exceptional cases the following steps can be taken:

    There are two rotary switches on the circuit board of RaceChip products that allow you to increase or reduce RaceChip output after installation. However, this should only be done in close collaboration with our customer service.

  • Is it possible that the RaceChip in my car provides less performance enhancement than my friend's with the same model?

    Yes. Decisive for performance enhancement is the engine condition as well as the spread for factory standard models on the production side. Every engine is different with regard to these characteristics, and the response to the RaceChip can be just as diffe

  • What should I do if my vehicle won't start after installation?

    In this case we ask you to contact our customer service by email or phone. Our technicians will guide you through the necessary steps in order to troubleshoot and fix the problem quickly. This problem usually arises from an improper installation location, incorrectly shipped cable harness, or not following each installation step.

  • What should I do if my vehicle displays an error message after installation?

    An error light directly after starting the engine can have various causes. RaceChip itself cannot cause an error message in this situation, however, as it is inactive during start and idle. If you have this problem, please contact our customer service. This will allow us to quickly identify and correct the problem.

  • What should I do if the motor control lights turn on?

    When the engine control light shows, it signals deviations in the motor controls from normal conditions. Often this can be fixed by changing the rotary switch adjustments. You'll find the suitable adjustments to correct problems in your installation manual.

    If these steps don't remedy the problem, then please contact our customer service.

  • Is it possible that my vehicle computer displays slightly incorrect values after installation?

    Yes. Sometimes the fuel consumption values, for example, are incorrect. This happens because RaceChip is connected directly on the injection system sensor. Accordingly, the board computer calculates its values in part from a mix of series and RaceChip adjusted values.

  • When should I install performance enhancement in a new vehicle?

    You can use RaceChip regardless of the number of miles on your vehicle. Many dealerships who cooperate with us install RaceChip on new vehicles sold starting with the first mile.

    In all cases, new vehicles should be driven according to the manufacturer's running-in rules.

    We also have many customers who have installed their RaceChip over 200,000 kilometers and are very happy with the results.

  • Can I use RaceChip chip tuning in my leased car?

    There is technically nothing against it. Please check with your leasing conditions and decide accordingly.

  • Can I use RaceChip chip tuning in my company car?

    There is technically nothing against it. Please check your conditions and decide accordingly.
    RaceChip products are very easy to install and uninstall.

  • Can I use RaceChip chip tuning in my used car?

    Yes. All RaceChip products are suitable for both new and used cars and work just as well on either one.

  • Between which odometer readings can I use the RaceChip?

    RaceChip can be used regardless of the number of miles on the clock. However, for vehicles with high values, get regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that no latent defects are present.

    For new vehicles, manufacturer stipulated running-in rules must be followed.

  • How do I know if my vehicle has common rail or pump nozzle units?

    Because pump nozzle injection systems were built through 2009, the initial registration date for your vehicle should be a good indicator. Special cases do arise, however. For exact identification, please send us a photo of your engine (without the cover).

  • What exactly does RaceChip XLR do?

    Modern vehicles use electronic throttle pedals. The manufacturer defines the relationship between the position of the pedal and the throttle opening in the engine, and often sets up a slightly delayed, lethargic response to pedal movement. This is where RaceChip XLR comes in:

    The XLR’s Brainbox is inserted between the throttle pedal sensor and the ECU. Signals coming from the throttle pedal are either amplified or attenuated, depending on the tuning stage selected. The result is that the time the engine takes to react is either shortened or lengthened.

    RaceChip XLR’s 7 tuning stages mean you can tune your engine’s responses to your taste. You can switch easily from relaxed, fuel-efficient reactions to sharp, eager responses like in a sports car.

  • What makes RaceChip XLR different from RaceChip’s chip tuning products?

    RaceChip XLR doesn’t change the output of your engine, but it does change the engine’s responsiveness. You can access the power more immediately and directly by simply touching a button, and that makes XLR the ideal companion to RaceChip’s chip tuning modules. But XLR also functions superbly as a stand-alone product.

  • What makes RaceChip XLR different from other manufacturers’ throttle tuning products?

    RaceChip XLR is different from other manufacturers’ throttle tuning products in several ways:

    Functional: XLR uses a state of the art processor that enables signals to be monitored and optimised with a high degree of accuracy. It is the only module on that market with a watchdog supervising its own functionality.

    Design and operation: RaceChip XLR’s design means it is easy and intuitive to use. The Controller with its rotating control lets the driver select one of the seven tuning stages available. As an additional feature, it is possible to control XLR from the RaceChip app as well.

  • Does XLR increase my car’s output?

    No. Throttle tuning does not change your engine’s performance at all. It simply makes the power more directly available – and more enjoyable.

  • What is the benefit of increased throttle response?

    The engine’s full power is available more quickly when you’re accelerating. That can be very useful for overtaking or joining fast road, and of course it increases driving pleasure.

  • Can I use XLR to change my car’s throttle response when I’m driving?

    Yes. You can change the throttle response on your car at any time. Choose between relaxed, fuel-efficient reactions in stages E and E+, and sharper, more precise responses in stages S to R+. Even when you’re driving. Please do not switch tuning stages while you are accelerating

  • What advantages does combining chip tuning with XLR have?

    Combining chip tuning and throttle tuning will help you access your car’s best performance. The significantly increased power and torque delivered by chip tuning go perfectly with optimised throttle response from XLR, and both will provide you with a thrilling driving experience.

    But you can also use XLR’s Eco tunings to make the most of your engine’s increased torque to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing on comfort.

    Manufacturers set up the throttle pedal on their cars to please most drivers. RaceChip XLR lets you tune your car’s throttle response to suit you and the driving conditions you are in.

  • Do I have to use a chip tuning module with XLR?

    No, XLR can be used without chip tuning. Even used by itself, XLR will improve your car’s throttle response noticeably.

    In addition, XLR can be used in cars with naturally aspirated engines.

  • Why don’t manufacturers give their cars better throttle response right from the factory?

    Manufacturers set up the throttle pedals on their cars to please most drivers. RaceChip XLR lets you tune your car’s throttle response to suit you and the driving conditions you are in.

  • What cars can have XLR installed?

    XLR can be installed in all modern cars. For about 20 years now, cars have been using electronic signals to transmit commands from the throttle pedal rather than cables. Throttle response is improved noticeably regardless of engine or gearbox.

  • Does throttle tuning increase particulate emissions from diesel engines?

    No, particulate emissions are not affected by installing XLR. The module has no effect on exhaust emissions at all.

  • Can I remove the module when I’ve found the right setting for me?

    The Controller can be disconnected from the Brainbox when you have selected your tuning stage. Your selection is saved in the Brainbox.

  • Why does XLR have two connectors?

    XLR is a system that is installed between the sensor in the throttle pedal and the engine control unit, or ECU. Once the pedal is disconnected, one of XLR’s connectors is plugged into the sensor, and the other is connected with the car’s wiring loom, which then takes the signals to the ECU.

  • Will RaceChip XLR affect the lifespan of the engine?

    No, engine longevity is not influenced by XLR.

  • Will XLR increase wear and tear on components in the car?

    No, wear and tear is not increased by XLR.

  • Is XLR tuned for every vehicle?

    RaceChip’s development engineers have tested all the vehicle types for which XLR is available and have tuned the software for their individual characteristics.

  • Is there anything I should pay attention to when I take my car to the service centre?

    We recommend that you de-install XLR to allow your garage to service the car as a stock vehicle.

    Otherwise no special precautions are necessary.

  • Will installing XLR affect the manufacturer’s warranty on my car?

    The manufacturer’s warranty is usually not affected by installing XLR.

  • Does RaceChip offer a product warranty for XLR?

    Yes, the product warranty on XLR is 2 years.

  • Do I have to get official technical inspection/approval for the installation of XLR?

    No, you can install and use XLR without any official technical inspection.

  • Is there anything I should pay attention to when the exhaust emissions on my car are tested?

    No. XLR has no effect on the results of any emissions testing. No special precautions are necessary.

  • Is my car still insured if I install XLR? Should I tell my insurer if I install XLR?

    Most insurers do not require you to tell them that you have installed XLR and, because the car is not fundamentally or permanently changed, the insurance classification does not change. We recommend that you ask your own insurer to be sure.

  • Can I install XLR myself?

    XLR can be installed in a few minutes even if you have no specialist knowledge. Detailed instructions are included in the box.

  • Are there installation instructions specifically for my car?

    We have specific installation instructions for most vehicle types.

    If you have trouble with the installation instructions, you can contact our Customer Service experts at any time and we can use our reference pictures to help you install XLR.

    Our Customer Service experts will be glad to help you install our products at any time.

  • What should I do if one if the connectors supplied does not fit?

    Sometimes a manufacturer fits different kinds of connectors in different variants of the same model. If this is the case in your car, please contact our Customer Service so that we can get the right connector to you as quickly as possible.

  • Can I de-install XLR completely if needed?

    Yes. XLR can be de-installed in just a few minutes. This returns your car to stock.

  • De-installing XLR puts my car back into stock condition completely?

    Yes. XLR can be de-installed in just a few minutes. This returns your car to stock.

  • How do I disconnect the wiring if I want to de-install XLR?

    XLR’s connections are secured with a simple retainer clip. Once this clip has been unfastened, the plugs can be pulled apart easily. The User Manual gives detailed instructions.

  • What benefit do I get from app control?

    RaceChip XLR links with the app to deliver the best controllability. Select or change the tuning stage at any time using either the Controller that is included in the box or the RaceChip app.

  • Where can I download the RaceChip app?

    You can download the RaceChip app free from the Google Play Store for your Android phone or the Apple App Store for your iOS device.

  • Does the RaceChip app work with all RaceChip products?

    At the moment, the RaceChip app can be used only with the following products: RaceChip Ultimate and RaceChip XLR.

  • What are the benefits of a RaceChip customer account?

    You can track your order directly via the customer portal in your customer account. If necessary, you can also process returns conveniently via the customer portal.

  • How do I open a RaceChip customer account?

    You'll find a "Log In" button on the top right of our website. Click it and you'll see a link in the pop-up window to register for a customer account.

  • Where can I find my account and order information?

    In order to see your details, simply log in with the information provided when you opened your customer account. To log into your customer account, please click here.

  • I lost the login information for my customer account. How can I recover it?

    You can request this information via the following link. We will send the information to the email address we have on file for you. LINK FEHLT

  • How much is delivery? Do you offer free delivery?

    We offer free delivery throughout Europe. We charge up to EUR 45 for parcels shipped outside Europe.

  • Does RaceChip deliver to my country? Where can I find a list of available countries?

    You'll find a selection of the available countries at the start of the checkout process. We offer delivery to almost all countries. If you country is not listed, then simply contact our customer service and we will try to help you. We strongly believe everyone should be able to enjoy performance improvement from RaceChip.

  • Do I need to know anything about customs duties for foreign shipments?

    In some instances, customs duties may need to be paid on delivery in countries outside the EU. The amount of these fees varies from country to country.

  • Do I have to pay the return postage for returns or exchanges?

    If there are technical problems with your RaceChip that require it to be returned and the fault is ours, we will pay for the shipping cost

  • Who pays the costs if I return an item?

    This depends on the reason the product is returned. If the return is due to a technical problem with your supplementary control unit that was our fault, then of course we will pay for the return shipping costs.

  • Is my order insured in case it is lost or stolen?

    Our parcels are insured for up to EUR 510 with UPS.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    If payment is received by 3:00 pm GMT, then we will dispatch your order the same day. Deliveries in the UK usually take 1-3 business days.

  • Can I receive my order within 24 hours?

    This is possible. If payment is made prior to 3:00 pm GMT, then your order will be dispatched the same day.

  • Who will deliver my parcel?

    This is possible. If payment is made prior to 3:00 pm GMT, then your order will be dispatched the same day.

  • Can I choose between different courier services and delivery types?

    Yes, several delivery options are available from UPS and DHL.

  • Can I have my package delivered to a DHL Service Point?

    Yes. If you enter a Service Point in your order we will automatically ship your order with DHL.

  • Where can I find my tracking number?

    When we ship your parcel you'll automatically receive an email with the tracking number. If you did not receive this email, then you can request your tracking number from our customer service.

  • How can I check the status of my package?

    Enter your tracking number at the respective courier partner's website (UPS or DHL) and you can track the status of your parcel.

  • Can I see my order status in my customer account?

    Yes. Please log into the customer portal on our website to see the order status of your package.

  • What do I do if my parcel was not delivered?

    In This case you can contact our customer service. They will contact the courier partner and arrange for a new shipment.

  • How long does delivery take if I order multiple products?

    Delivery is not affected by the order quantity. We have all of the products in stock and can send them on receipt of payment.

  • Who decides if I receive multiple shipments?

    We only recommend multiple shipments if a product you ordered is not currently in stock. This way, we make sure that you get all of the products we have in stock as quickly as possible.

  • Can I choose not to have multiple shipments?

    Yes. You can decline the use of multiple shipments with your order. We will be happy to ship your order as one shipment upon request.

  • Which methods of payment are available?

    We offer the following payment methods via our online shop: PayPal, bank transfer, credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or purchase on account.

  • Can I finance a RaceChip purchase?

    Financing through RaceChip is not possible at this time.

  • Are there fees for paying by credit card?

    No, we do not charge you any additional fees.

  • How does a purchase on account with Klarna work?

    The Klarna purchase on account option means that you have two weeks after receiving the product to pay the purchase price. When you enter your personal information on our website, Klarna conducts a credit check followed by a review of the purchase on account. Based on the results, the application for purchase on account is either approved or declined by Klarna.

  • Is my payment information encrypted when I enter it?

    All personal information is protected by state of the art, high encryption and security standards.

  • I received an invoice from you stating that I did no transfer enough to your account. Why is this?

    This happens in rare cases with bank fees. Especially with foreign payment transfers, the bank may deduct a certain processing fee from the transfer amount to RaceChip. As a result, we do not receive the full invoice amount. In this case, we will send you a new payment link with the remaining balance

  • What is the return process at RaceChip?

    For returns, check with our customer service first to review return shipment options.

  • Can I return a product if I'm not satisfied?

    Yes, you have a 30-day trial period with your order.

  • How can I cancel my order?

    Please contact our customer service by email or phone to cancel your order. This will ensure immediate cancellation.

    If you have a customer account with RaceChip, you can cancel your order via the customer portal.

  • When does the 30-day trial period begin?

    The trial period begins when you receive your order.

  • How long after I make my return will I receive a refund?

    The statutory deadline for refunds is 30 days after receipt of the returned item. However, we usually process refunds within one week.

  • I ordered the wrong product. Can I exchange it?

    Of course. Please contact our customer service within the trial period, namely 15 days after receiving your order.

  • My product is not in perfect condition. How do I exchange it?

    If this happens, please contact our customer service. They will help you exchange the product.

    Alternatively, you can also exchange the product via your Racechip customer account if you had one at the time you placed the order.

  • How do I use a voucher?

    You can redeem a voucher code during your order in our online shop via the corresponding link during checkout.

  • When is the deadline to use my voucher?

    Our vouchers have different expiration dates. Please refer to your particular voucher.

  • Can I order a RaceChip gift voucher?

    Upon request we can issue a voucher for one of our products via our hotline. Vouchers can be for either a certain amount or for a specific product for a specific vehicle.

  • How do I give RaceChip feedback?

    After your order has shipped you'll receive a Trusted Shops evaluation link. We always look forward to feedback from you and enjoy hearing your suggestions and comments.

  • Can I have my products delivered to multiple addresses?

    Yes, you can choose the delivery address for every (new) order.

  • What is my customer number and why do I need it?

    We have a complete overview of your order history via your customer number (if you created a customer account with us during your order). In this way we can provide you with quick and comprehensive advice and respond to your needs.

  • Can I contact RaceChip customer service even if I didn't purchase my RaceChip directly from you?

    As you purchased via a reseller, we don't have your details so we ask that you first contact them. If they cannot help you, then of course we'll be happy to assist you.

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