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RaceChip show car cracks 1000 NM

RaceChip Cars | 06.04.2017

RaceChip show car cracks 1000 NM

RaceChip Cars | 06.04.2017 With their second show car in 2017, the Goeppingen-based experts for chip tuning have a new addition to their fleet that’s the perfect combination of luxury and speed. The Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel is already...

A station wagon with racing flair – the Mercedes Benz-AMG C43

RaceChip Cars | 21.02.2017 New year, new show car. With the Mercedes Benz AMG C43, the experts for chip tuning boxes continue to demonstrate how it’s possible to combine performance, driving fun and everyday practicality in perfect harmony.

410 HP in the Audi RS3 from chip tuning experts RaceChip

RaceChip Cars | 04.05.2016 The chip tuning experts from southern Germany have presented their latest show car, the RaceChip Audi RS3. The factory performance of 367 HP and 465 Nm was increased to 410 HP and 520 Nm thanks to the RaceChip Ultimate...

RaceChip Ultimate and C63 S AMG, two powerhouses united

RaceChip Cars | 14.12.2015 The new Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG with the RaceChip Ultimate shows that even a vehicle that comes factory-equipped with sophisticated motorsport technology has serious potential to perform better

The CLS 63 AMG S with RaceChip Ultimate - Luxury Performance with 1,057Nm

RaceChip Cars | 29.05.2015 The Mercedes CLS 63 AMG S may look like an elegant business car but it is really a well-trained sports limousine of the highest class. When the V8 BiTurbo comes to life, everybody turns into a car enthusiast...
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