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Simply faster is now even better: the new RaceChip GTS

News & Stories | 14.11.2017 | RaceChip

Performance engineers RaceChip launch their new product line-up.

Göppingen (Germany), 14.11.2017. Shortly after presenting their new range-topper GTS Black, chiptuning market leaders RaceChip are now releasing its smaller brother into the world – the GTS. Using the all-new platform architecture that RaceChip have developed for their second generation products, the GTS replaces the previous premium model in the range, the Ultimate. The new generation sets new technological standards in electronic performance enhancement, giving driving enthusiasts up to 30% more performance and unsurpassed efficiency in the relationship between chip and engine. Seven fine tuning mappings programmed specifically for each engine type mean that the engine dynamics can be adapted to suit the driver’s taste exactly. As an optional extra, the enhanced performance can also be summoned up from a smartphone. As with all of RaceChip’s products in this class, the GTS comes with a comprehensive peace-of-mind package which includes a two-year warranty on the engine. The new GTS costs from 479 EUR, the option app control functionality costs 50 EUR. But the dust will barely have settled on the presentation of the GTS before RaceChip introduces the RaceChip RS as the successor to the Pro 2 and the RaceChip S as the replacement for the One. By November, RaceChip will have launched an entirely new line up in only 3 months.

Range of products using RaceChip’s new platform architecture expands

The introduction of the GTS and GTS Black reinforces the Göppingen-based performance engineers’ claim to be in the vanguard of technological developments in electronic performance enhancement. The second generation of chiptuning products is the direct result of RaceChip’s unparalleled commitment to combining innovation, technological perfection and driving enjoyment. The GTS uses the same hardware architecture as its bigger brother, the GTS Black, and each of the almost 350 hardware components was carefully selected with a view to performance in a modern engine bay. “If you really want to make progress, you can’t afford to keep holding on to what’s already there. We put a lot of things we learned with our Ultimate chip into the development of our new platform, but we were also ready to question everything and go down new paths. We think what we came up with shows, very clearly, that we made the right choices,” says Dirk Bongardt, COO and head of product development at RaceChip. The other new products coming soon – RaceChip RS and S – are also based on the new platform architecture, meaning they also set new technological standards in their price classes.

German perfectionism in every detail

A look under the hood of the GTS shows exactly what Bongardt means when he says the RaceChip went down new paths when they were developing their second generation of products. A raft of innovations in both hardware and software differentiate the GTS from its predecessor, the Ultimate. They include an ARM Cortex processor capable of gathering and optimising data from the engine sensors via up to seven analogue and digital channels in parallel, and totally new optimisation software code. Together, these developments mean that the GTS can be calibrated to harmonise even better with the engine. For comparison, the Ultimate had only five channels, most of them analogue, for the hardware and software to communicate. The new Digital User Interface makes the benefits directly accessible to the driver, and allows him or her to choose from seven specially calibrated fine tuning mappings. These in turn mean that the GTS can be finely – and easily – adjusted to really synchronise the engine’s performance characteristics with the driver’s mood. The design of the new GTS also reflects the changes made under the skin, and echoes RaceChip’s new design language first shown on the GTS Black. Positioned below the GTS Black and the GTS, the RS and the S use slightly simplified derivatives of the same hardware and software common to all of RaceChip’s new generation of products. The S can provide up to 20% extra performance, while the RS offers a boost in power and torque of up to 25%. Both products produce better results than their predecessors throughout the rev range, and also harmonise much better with the engine. The two new models mean that RaceChip’s range covers all the bases and offers the perfect solution for every performance question.

RaceChip app – extra performance controlled by phone

Just like with the GTS Black, the performance boost liberated by the RaceChip GTS and RS can also be accessed from a smartphone. When installed, the RaceChip app offers drivers three specially calibrated tuning stages to match the driving situation: Efficiency for saving fuel in urban traffic, Sport for improved mid-range flexibility on open roads and Race for maximum performance. The app can also deactivate the RaceChip completely, returning the car to stock tune. The app control option is available for 50 EUR.

RaceChip GTS features

The RaceChip GTS is an entire package of features, including a comprehensive service and warranty package with a 2-year warranty on the car’s engine and major drivetrain components up to a maximum value of 5,000 EUR (which applies even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired) and a 5-year warranty on the RaceChip itself. Also included is a re-programming free of charge if the owner changes cars. For all the talk of performance, the headline figures sometimes obscure the fact that the RaceChip GTS can also help drivers reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, if they adopt an appropriate driving style. Thanks to the boost in torque and efficiency created by the GTS in the critical rev range, the car can take a higher gear earlier and stay in it for longer, cutting both gear changes and fuel bills. The RS also has a number of attractive features. The service and warranty package includes a 1-year warranty on the engine up to a maximum of 3,000 EUR and a 5-year product warranty. Fuel savings of up to 15% are possible with the RS. As the entry-level product, the S concentrates on the RaceChip essentials – extra performance and fuel savings of up to 10%.


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