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Jaguar F-Type V8 S – A Full 599hp with the Ultimate

News & Stories | 28.08.2014 | RaceChip
At its factory specification of 495hp, the Jaguar F-Type S V8 is already equipped as a top model in the new Jaguar series. In terms of engine power, it runs at a level just a little bit below the Porsche 911 Turbo. At the same time, the Jaguar still offers breathtaking exhaust sound. The noise of the eight-cylinder engine, even at its factory setting, is incredible. This is exactly how a V8-Sports car should sound! During the summer, driving with an open roof, you can enjoy the masterpiece that is the sound this engine offers. But with a factory-set 495hp, the excitement doesn’t end there. With RaceChip, you will discover the wild side of this kitty. After several changes and test runs, our development engineers were able to tailor our software to perfectly match the engine of this Jaguar, bringing it to the cusp of 600hp. And here this kitty surpasses the Porsche 911 not only in sound, but also in performance.
By the way: in contrast to a general downsizing trend, Jaguar has been building the 5.0l V8 since 2009, using compressor charging in different models to make its successor to the smaller 4.2l engine.

To start series development, we first measured the serial performance of the car at it's factory settings

The manufacturer’s factory specifications stood at 495hp and 625Nm, but the compressor engine clearly surpassed these values. We measured results of 538hp and 673Nm.

When we tested his little brother, the F-Type S, we got a serial performance reading under the manufacturer's specifications. But these types of engines are known for variances.

The installation of the RaceChip added the extra power of a small car.

Original performance chart

After many adjustments and test drives, our engineers finally found the optimal configuration for the Ultimate in our V8 Jaguar.

Measured factory output: 396kW (538hp) 673Nm

With a performance optimization utilising the power reserves of the engine, we were able to get incredible added efficiency of +61hp and +41Nm.

Performance after optimization: 441kW (599hp) 71 Nm

The kitty’s engine turned into a monster, with an impressive 599hp and 714Nm.

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